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Love another&Di longed for lighting2019Autumn and winter“Elegant luxury”Product launches and9The anniversary celebration well packaged

Dream,Every success is the new starting point,Thunderous,Vertical and horizontal,A brave man,From dissatisfaction with the status quo,Great music sound,The elephant invisible,The wind did not interest,The waves did not stop,The pursuit of unlimited。7Month25Day-27Day,The ancient town of hua yi square,Love another&Di longed for lighting“Elegant luxury”Product launches and9The anniversary celebration in the much-anticipated opening shock。

My three forecasts of crystalline light category

After a3Years of follow-up survey,Analysis of contrast,I had three basic of crystalline light industry estimates。My first forecasts:Crystal lamp industry has bottomed out,Entered a new turning point。From this moment,Crystal lamp industry will gradually return to its rightful place。I

Make love another“The one hundred - year - old” ——An interview with swarovski wei, general manager of love

In recent years,As leaders in the field of crystalline light,Love swarovski momentum of development has become increasingly strong。Spring this year,Love another“Di mu”Brand officially launched,It is located in the hua yi square on the first floor“Love swarovski lighting international hall”Jing for the opening,At the same time,Was released“The tide of luxury”The new series

【Love•Life】Antique and vintage furniture,Designers create individual character space

The classical and antique furniture into the design,Usually means from the dozens of years or centuries of aesthetic movement of objects is analyzed。Or,If these works belong to the same period,The designer must ensure that the style of the space not archaic。We asked a few designers how to use the restore ancient ways, and antique items,In order to create both has reference value and original household space。

The site go first11The spring Hong Kong international lighting fair

The first11The Hong Kong international lighting fair in spring2019Years4Month6To9In Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre is hot……

【Love•Life】Introduction to the beauty of the household:From the spirit of pragmatism to consumption,Household into the era of aesthetics

The person's life may have many home,Every home is a chapter of life。Whether it be a single,2 the world,Or three separate home、Two generations cohabit……Family in common space connected to each other,With love and the life alone cannot complete experience。Each house has its own way of emotion,From the spirit of pragmatism to consumption,Household is into the era of aesthetics,City new middle-class consumers began to really embrace household aesthetics。What is to live in aesthetics?

2018Love swarovski succession series

Love swarovski lighting

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